Best Practices for Small Business Websites

Everything you “know” about social media for small business is wrong. Small businesses—accountants, lawyers, and brick-and-mortar shops—don’t need 5,000 Facebook fans, Diggs, or blogs that are updated daily. They need business. You know, clients, customers, shoppers, or whatever you want to call them. How do ... Read More »

13th Jul 2013
Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

  1.) Your business doesn't exist [to your customers] without one! More than ever, people are connected and connecting with businesses online. Even if its just to get directions or more information, people are turning to the Internet to find it. Google has replaced the phone book. If you're not online - you and you're ... Read More »

13th Jul 2013
7 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

  There’s no doubt about it – website speed matters now more than ever before!  As average internet connection speeds increase around the world, web users are becoming less and less tolerant of slow load times.  At the same time, Google has stated unequivocally that it prefers to reward fast sites with higher ... Read More »

12th Jul 2013